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Future Development

To adapt to the changing environments in both academy and industry, future development in teaching and research will be based on nine premises.

These premises are :

  1. to integrate the systems of resources, environment and economics,
  2. to develop new techniques in rock mechanics and underground exploration,
  3. to explore new techniques in resources engineering,
  4. to upgrade the use of high-tech mineral materials,
  5. to improve the utilization, reclamation and treatment of various resources,
  6. to optimize the development, management and reclamation of groundwater resources,
  7. to develop new techniques in resources management,
  8. to exploit and utilize domestic and overseas mineral resources,
  9. to provide a high-tech teaching system.
The Department of Resources Engineering will continue to search for qualified faculty and endeavor to promote the highest level of research to foster professional elites in this field.
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